boy and his octopus

March 20, 2008

sn_octopus.jpgOne of my daily doodles produced a sketch of a kid flying away with an octopus. I’ve since thought of many iterations of kids having a fantastic-fun-time with animals but this is the only one that made it beyond a doodle.  


7 Responses to “boy and his octopus”

  1. jolie said

    i absolutely love everything you’ve created here but this painting is my favorite. who wouldn’t love to go floating thru the air with the greatest of ease with an octupus. i would.
    hooray for you anna!

  2. What a super imagination you have! Love the blue of the octopus. 🙂

  3. Vhrsti said

    I’m just staring at this fantastic illo and I have no words…
    Amazing, truly.

  4. timafli said

    I like the flying octopus which is very vivid and heavy. Also, the unbalanced composition. Cool

  5. flossy-p said

    mmm, that dark inkyness of the octopus is beautiful

  6. How fantastic it would be to have an octopus save me from harm. Great illo – I love your imagination.

  7. i love this. i found it through ‘tag surfer’ on wordpress. nice illustration

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